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Makita MAC2400 Air Compressor Review

The Best Air Compressor You Can Buy! Absolutely Awesome!

If you’re very picky when it comes to air compressors and will settle for nothing but the very best, you’re in luck because my next review features one of the best. If not it’s THE best portable air compressor you can purchase right now.

Before I get into the specifics I will let you know it is manufactured by Makita, one of the leading brands for power tools, compressors and pneumatic equipment. The company’s constant innovations and tremendous attention to detail have placed it firmly at the very top.

One of their elite models, the Makita MAC2400 2.5 HP Big Bore Air Compressor is the latest in their long line of high-quality, high-performance compressors. It is aimed at those looking for industrial-power and performance with sturdiness to boot. Put simply, any professional will most likely want to buy it. And the best thing is it won’t break the bank, making it suitable for home use as well!

Makita MAC2400
Makita MAC2400
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Basic Information

This air compressor features a 2.5hp 4-pole motor that has loads of power, and is able to deliver compressed air at a rate of 4.2 CFM at 90 PSI which makes it ideal for any job, no exception! One thing I noticed right away is the twin-stacked 4.2-gallon tanks.

The pump on the compressor is oil-lubricated which means cooler operation and less wear and tear. It also allows for a quieter unit since the pump runs at just 1730 rpm, producing only 79dB. It’s as sturdy as a rock because the unit is almost entirely constructed of cast iron.

The Big Bore cylinder is also made out of cast iron for longer life and improved durability. Big Bore cylinders and pistons (as I have pointed out in many of my reviews) are able to compress more air so you get a reliable flow of pressure and quicker recovery time.

Of course, as is common on most elite air compressors this one has a low amp draw which means no tripped breakers at start-up and better resistance to drops in voltage. This model also comes with an air filter much like the one you find on a car which provides the compressor with cleaner air and better air intake.

MAC2400 Power

The motor provides an insane amount of power, but thanks to its Big Bore construction it manages to do it without waking up the entire street! If you are wondering if this compressor would be suitable for industrial use, then wonder no more. The answer is yes, no doubt about it!

The power is delivered in a smooth and consistent manner, so you can attach any kind of power tool to it since its air production is plentiful. If you buy this one, expect fast production and outstanding results.

Pump Design

The Big Bore Engineered Pump is one of the centerpieces featured on this model. You see, bore is the term used for the diameter of the cylinder, and stroke is used for movement. Pistons move inside the cylinder and those with bigger bores and longer strokes are able to compress more air which reduces the amount of cycles needed to produce the desired volume of air. This also makes the pump more durable and long-lasting. The whole thing is made out of cast iron making it as strong as an ox. In fact, you can hook up two nail guns at the same to this bad boy.

This is an oil-lubricated design making maintenance much easier with the presence of an oil sight glass which informs you about the oil level. In order to change the oil, simply open the tank drain valve, close it, and then poor new oil inside. It’s that simple!


While you would be hard-pressed to find a compressor that is flat-out quiet, this unit is much quieter than any of the competing air compressors. It is ideal for use in homes, basements, garages, and even stores which have a workshop.

If you do decide on this compressor, you will also avoid a world of trouble when it comes to hearing problems. Attributing to the low noise emission are the rubber feet which come with the unit designed to reduce vibrations and help with stability.

The Verdict

What is there to be said about this air compressor (other than it is absolutely superb in every way). In fact and I’m not being biased here but I think it is the best air compressor on my website. It is immensely powerful, delivers compressed air at a steady rate, is quiet, and it has a Big Bore oil-lubricated pump for longer life and better durability.

I could go on about it for days. Instead, I am going to direct you to Amazon, where you can find this compressor at great price.

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