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Campbell Hausfeld HU502000AV Compressor Review

Large Tank and Fantastic Performance during Extended Work Sessions Are This Unit’s Strong Points

I know it’s easier to pick out an air compressor if you know exactly what you’re going to use it for. But, what if you need one that will help you do various tasks which can be anything really, ranging from tire inflation, air cleaning, and sanding to just about any household repair. Yes, power is nice but you should also be on the lookout for flexibility. There are compressors out there that will let you do pretty much anything, but the results are often less than stellar.

I came across the Campbell Hausfeld HU502000AV 20-Gallon ASME Air Compressor and from the looks of it, it is able to run a wide spectrum of power tools simultaneously. It is mostly meant to be used for household jobs, although it wouldn’t be out of place on a professional project because it packs plenty of power. Let’s take a closer look.

Campbell Hausfeld HU502000AV
Campbell Hausfeld HU502000AV
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Basic Info, Features, and Specs

This air compressor has a massive 20-gallon tank which catches your eye right away, and will come in handy for extensive work where continuous pressure is required. At the heart of this unit is a 1.3hp motor capable of providing a maximum pressure of 150 PSI.

Also, you can count on 90 PSI of pressure at a delivery rate of 3.8 CFM which is suitable for most air tools suitable for small and medium indoor repairs. Since it’s a household application it is important to point out that indoor compressors usually feature an oil-fee pump which is the case here. You also get easy access to all the controls and gauges since everything is clearly laid out.

Size and Performance

In stark contrast to the approach most manufacturers are adopting nowadays, this compressor does not aim to be compact. Instead, it’s a big old thing featuring an old-school design. The old-school, heavy-duty approach is also mirrored in the fact that the tank is made out of steel.

The type of steel used is about 15% thicker than your normal kind. Campbell Hausfeld is really confident in the product since they give out a 10-year warranty against any holes or cracks in the tank. The HU502000AV is classified as a portable compressor, but looking at the huge 20-gallon tank I suspect true portability might present a bit of an issue in some situations. Measuring at 18.2 x 18.1 x 44.5 inches and weighing just less than 100lbs makes it one of the heavier compressors on my website. Luckily it has transport wheels for better mobility as well a handle for pushing/pulling. On the plus side, its tank is vertically oriented which allows for a smaller footprint.

HU502000AV Performance

The PSI is a pretty impressive number, and while the 3.8 CFM at 90 PSI won’t exactly blow you away (no pun intended), it will be sufficient for most household applications. On the other hand, this compressor really gets to shine because of that large tank since it provides you with constant pressure.
The disadvantage with some compact compressors is the tanks don’t provide you with much pressure. With this one you won’t think twice about not having enough.

Oil-Free Pump Design

The compressor features an oil-free pump which has certain advantages DIY enthusiasts and handymen will appreciate. The important aspect of having an oil-free pump is low maintenance. No need for messy oil changes!


Rated at 85 dB, this not one of the quietest compressors I have reviewed, but it’s far from being the loudest. You might want to get some ear plugs if you are going to use it extensively, although that goes for any compressor.

Recommended For

If you do a lot of work in your garage, or run a workshop this compressor is perfect mainly because of the large tank which allows for continuous use of power tools such as die grinders, air saws, paint guns and so on.

In Conclusion

The online user reviews for this air compressor are generally favorable, and the buyers especially love how reliable and sturdy it is which is enough to conclude the 10-year warranty is no joke. It is pretty flexible, allowing you to perform a wide range of repairs and services. It’s also easy to use thanks to the gauges that are well-placed.

Overall, its excellent performance when used continuously and affordability definitely make it worthy of your consideration. I would suggest you check it out on Amazon if you are interested in buying one.

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